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Listen to Recordings from Anthem's ACE Broker Achievement Program

Anthem's new ACE Broker Boost Media series is a collection of recordings typically available only to brokers in their ACE Broker Achievement Program. But Anthem is making them available to all brokers during the month of December. Each recording is about ten minutes long and includes insights from Anthem leaders that you can pass on to your customers to help boost your business.  


Click on the links below to listen now. You can also find the recordings in the Message Center of your Producer Toolbox:


The ACE Broker Boost Media series will only be available in 2021 to brokers who qualify for the ACE Broker Achievement Program. The ACE program provides qualified brokers with additional training and support to help them succeed. To find out how you and your team can qualify, talk to your Anthem sales representative.


For questions, please contact your B&P Sales Rep - 888.722.3373.