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Live Now! ‘Find a Doctor’ Website for Health Net PPO Members with Out-of-State Coverage

As a reminder, starting November 1, 2023, Health Net Group PPO members with out-of-state coverage will be able to access the Cigna Healthcare PPO Network¹ when they live or travel outside of California. In an on-going effort to keep you up-to-date with this implementation, Health Net is happy to announce that the new co-branded ‘Find a Doctor’ website is now live.


This new, custom website will make finding a doctor easy for Health Net group PPO members with out-of-state coverage. Health Net group PPO members can log-in to this Find a Doctor website online.​​​​

  • This new URL replaced the existing First Health link on 11/1/2023. See screenshot below for reference.
  • Member materials are being updated to reflect this new process to find a provider.



If you have any questions, please contact your Health Net account manager.


1 The Cigna Healthcare PPO Network refers to the health care providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists) contracted as part of the Cigna Healthcare PPO for Shared Administration.