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MetLife: 5 Questions to Ask - and Answer - When Recommending Legal Plans

What's the right legal services plan? Answer 5 questions for your clients

As your clients consider adding legal services plans to their benefit offerings, affordability is always going to be a top consideration. While costs are always key, five additional factors can help your clients evaluate their options and feel confident they’re choosing a legal plan that delivers real value to their employees.


1. Are services fully covered?

From wills and estate planning to identity theft, real estate issues, and elder care matters, a legal plan should cover employees for the many personal legal issues they face throughout different stages of their lives. Steer clear of plans that offer partial coverage on many legal services. Partial coverage can result in out-of-pocket costs, usage limitations, and frustration for employees.


2. Is there a limit to services?

Eighty-four percent of employers cite having easy access to legal services as one of the top benefits of a plan.1 Employees should never be penalized for using their legal plan or face hour limits, page limits, or frequency restrictions for matters that are covered in the plan. Instead, they should be able to use the plan as much as they need over the course of a year for covered legal matters.


3. Does the plan let employees choose an attorney?

Plans that offer access to a large network of attorneys nationwide – as well as the option to use an out-of-network attorney – ensure that employees are able to see an experienced attorney for their legal matters. Employees should be able to choose their attorney vs. being assigned one.


4. Does the provider offer best-in-class customer service?

Employees should never feel stuck with an attorney or be left alone to deal with an issue. The plan should include access to customer service representatives who can assist employees with issues or help them find a new attorney, if necessary. Always check the provider's track record regarding customer service when making plan decisions.


5. Does the plan offer a money-back guarantee?2

A money-back guarantee is the ultimate quality control measure for employee satisfaction. Choose a provider who offers a money-back guarantee that covers the services of attorneys in the network, as well as any service issues.


An employee-paid legal services plan from MetLife can be a smart – and affordable – addition to your clients' benefit program. Download and share these 5 questions along with a product overview highlighting the benefits of MetLife's plan.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

1 MetLife research, fielded by ORC International, between June and July 2017.

2 MetLife's money-back guarantee covers the services provided by their Client Service Center and their Network Attorneys; it does not guarantee the outcome of your legal matter. The money-back guarantee will be provided in circumstances where there is a customer service issue or problem with using your legal plan that cannot be resolved.