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MetLife's August 2020 Bulletin

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming work and life, creating new challenges for employees and employers. Understanding how to improve employee well-being is key to helping employers navigate this new reality. For more workplace insights, MetLife released their 18th Annual U.S. Employee Benefits Trends Study that focuses on the realities of today’s blended work-life world and the impacts of the global pandemic.


Additionally, to provide further insights into the new work/life world, MetLife released other studies addressing how employees’ mental wellbeing can play an important role to business recovery and the industries that have been largely impacted by the global pandemic such as Small Business, Healthcare, Expats.


Supporting Employee Well-being in Uncertain Times

MetLife’s 18th Annual Employee Benefit Trends Study focuses on the realities – both positive and negative – and how a holistic approach to well-being can help the workforce manage the stress of the pandemic.


A Path to a Resilient Workforce

With a modern-day collision of financial, social, and physical worries, COVID-19 is the perfect storm of stressors. MetLife’s new study reveals the strain on employee mental health, the importance of resilience, and how they can impact business productivity.


Shaping the Next Normal for Small Businesses

As many small businesses struggle with re-opening, understanding the needs, concerns and motivators of their workforce may be essential as they define their next normal. Get access to these valuable insights from the latest Small Business Trends report.


Holistic Wellness Matters for Healthcare Workers

MetLife reveals how healthcare workers are facing greater challenges as they balance patient care with the health and well-being of themselves and their families during the global pandemic.


Rising to the Globally-Mobile Workforce Needs in the New Normal

Work related pressure has become the top stressor for globally mobile employees. Learn about their evolving needs and how this new reality has impacted their overall wellbeing through MetLife’s latest expatriate study.


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