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MetLife's August 2022 Bulletin

MetLife's most recent monthly bulletin focuses on rounding out your customers' healthcare coverage with vision insurance and interest in disability insurance.


Help round out your customers' healthcare coverage with vision insurance

As MetLife continues to acknowledge National Eye Exam month, they want to emphasize the importance of routine eye exams. It can help protect overall health by catching serious problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.¹ From well care to significant incidents, vision insurance is a smart way to help protect eyesight and the wallet. 


Click here to find out how much your groups could save² with MetLife Vision.


Nine in ten employees today express an interest in disability insurance³

At the Disability Management Employer Coalition (DMEC) 2022 conference, MetLife shared how leave and absence management tools are a win-win for employees and employers. MetLife's research confirms the huge upside of holistic employee health in terms of increased engagement, loyalty and satisfaction.


Read on for more insights and actions employers can take.


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¹Heiting, OD, Gary, Eye exams: 5 Reasons Why They Are Important,, February 2021, Accessed March 11, 2021

²Your actual savings from enrolling in the MetLife Vision Plan will depend on various factors, including plan premiums, number of visits to an eye care professional by your family per year, and the cost of services and materials received. Be sure to review the Schedule of Benefits for your plan's specific benefits and other important details.

³Source: MetLife Employee Benefits Trend Study 2022