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MetLife's Latest Employee Benefit Trends Study

​Welcome to a new age of benefits 

Working doesn't look like it used to. Demographic shifts and changing employee expectations are creating new challenges – and opportunities – for today's employers. MetLife's ​15th Annual U.S. Employee Benefit Trends Study focuses on the rapidly transforming workforce and ways employers can adapt their benefits strategies to address diverse needs and succeed in meeting top benefit objectives. 

The Study shows that employees expect benefits to meet their personal needs, adapt to their new family structures and support their extended careers. While not every employer can completely overhaul its benefits experience, implementing a more complete benefits experience through 5 key areas can provide a wider range of options to meet their needs head on:

  1. A breadth of benefit options: expanding the definition of benefits can help employees achieve overall well-being and meet their goals – in and out of work. 
  2. Tailored solutions: offering customized benefit experiences that speak to employees’ personal lives and family structures helps them find the security they are looking for. 
  3. Access to the right expertise: providing the right expertise and guidance can make all the difference in the face of big change and vast diversity. 
  4. Clearer information: delivering benefits communications that make an impact means easy-to- understand information that’s relevant to employees. 
  5. A simplified enrollment process: making the process of investing in benefits as easy as possible helps to ensure employees engage. 

For employers, this approach can help drive business through increased productivity, as well as higher attraction and retention. In fact, 72% of employees agree that the ability to customize benefits increases their loyalty to their current employers and 74% of employees said they would be more likely to accept a job with a new employer if they had the ability to customize benefits to meet their needs. 

Take a moment to visit ​ for insights into this holistic approach to benefits and how a more complete experience can help employers reach their benefits objectives and help their employees succeed.

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