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New Summer Changes to Choice Builder Plans

Choice Builder is making selling ancillary this summer even easier with the following changes:


New Bronze HMO plan through DeltaCare (5/1/19)

  • Starting Single Rates:
    • Southern CA: $11.32
    • Northern CA: $13.08
  • Basic and preventative services covered at 100%
  • New Lower Cost Option for Employers Contribution


Delta Dental PPO Rate Decrease + 3 Year Rate Guarantee (7/1/19)

  • PPO Plan rate decrease across all three PPO plans:
    • Platinum: 2.7% decrease
    • Gold: 10.6% decrease
    • Silver: 14.4% decrease
  • New groups and renewing groups between 7/1/19 and 12/1/19 will receive a 3 YEAR RATE GUARANTEE


DeltaCare HMO Rating Methodology Change (10/1/19)

  • HMO rating will be based on Employer zip code, rather than employee home zip code
  • Effective for new groups and renewing groups from 10/1/19 and forward


ChoiceBuilder will also be providing individual benefits effective 10/1/10.


Other great reasons to sell ChoiceBuilder for groups with 2 - 199 lives:

  • No DE-9 or payroll
  • Husband/wife, related, and owner only groups welcomed
  • Delta Premier network available 2+ lives
  • Mix-and-match DHMO and DPPO
  • Up to 6 dental plans offered at once
  • No wait on major services
  • Ortho down to 2 lives DHMO and 5 lives DPPO
  • Up to $2,500 benefit plans
  • 90th UCR available


Click here for more information.


For questions or help with ChoiceBuilder, please contact your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.