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Principal Updates & Reminders for New & Renewing Groups

Principal shared some important updates and reminders that will benefit both new and current Principal business.

  • Dental rates in CA reduced on average 12% effective July 2020.
  • Dental and Vision rate passes have been extended until April 2021.
  • Principal is giving a premium credit of 10% for the months of June-October 2020 (based on the prior month’s billed premium) to employers who have a fully insured dental policy with Principal. Additionally, the broker’s compensation will not be impacted!
  • Real Time API Integration with Ease for all Principal products!
  • Voluntary Participation requirements waived for all products – Principal only needs 3 lives to enroll per product. Many Principal competitors require the greater of 10 lives or 20% of the eligible group.


For questions or help with a Principal quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.