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Quickly Update Current Plans at Renewal in bpQuote

HealthConnect has rolled out a new "Update Current Plans with Renewals Plans" button in the quote engine that allows you to quickly replace a group's Current Plans each year as they come up for renewal. Previously, you had to manually delete the old Current Plans, manually select the new Current Plans, and then re-assign each employee to the correct plan. This new button, which is located on the Review Group Data page, automatically handles this tedious task, saving time and reducing the likelihood of selecting an incorrect plan.


When you use the new "Update Current Plans with Renewals Plans" button, last year’s Renewal Plans will become this year’s Current Plans, the employee plan assignments are carried forward.


Please note that this new button does not import new Current Rates for the new Current Plans. You would still want to make sure you use the Import Current Rates button afterwards to set the correct new Current Rates for the new plan year.


Please contact your B&P Sales Team if you have any questions about this update - (888) 722-3373.