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Small Group Level Funding with Anthem & UHC

California small groups can now get level funding quotes through Anthem Balanced Funding (ABF) and UnitedHealthcare Level Funded. With stable ACA rates, these new products to the California small group market can be an opportunity to differentiate with the right group.


By partnering with B&P, we can take care of quoting both Anthem ABF and UHC Level Funded for you, along with traditional ACA options.


Below are some basics of level funding with Anthem and UHC. Feel free to reach out to your B&P Sales Rep to get a quote or for a copy of our new level funding comparison.


Who is typically a "Good Fit?" for level funding?

  • Healthier groups will likely see better rates
  • Groups looking for composite rates, especially if they are exiting a trust, PEO, or large group
  • Groups wanting to be actively engaged in their health plan, transparency, and reporting capabilities


Anthem ABF

  • Quoting is live through 1/1/22
  • Group size: minimum 20 enrolled
  • Ability to write next to Anthem ACA HMO plans
  • 51% in CA not required, but group must be active with the state of CA
  • Specialty bundling credit available


UHC Level Funded

  • Quoting is available for 11/1/21 and 12/1/21 effective dates
  • Group size: 10-100 eligible
  • Flexible plan designs
  • Cannot pair with UHC ACA HMO plans
  • Majority enrolled will determine situs state
  • Specialty bundling discount available



  • Kaiser small group will not write next to composite rates
  • Level funding requires more lead time, the quoting process can take up to a week
  • Both carriers will offer 50% surplus refunds
  • These are small group products, for groups with 100 and fewer employees


For questions or to request a quote, please contact your B&P Sales Rep - 888.722.3373.