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The ACA and the Trump Administration

Health Net of California, Inc
​January 26, 2017

With a new administration in place in Washington D.C., change to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) seems inevitable. But what does that mean for you and your customers? Here's the latest: 

The ACA is still the law. 

Even though change is expected, the ACA remains in place and unchanged at this time. The law still requires most Americans to have health insurance to avoid tax penalties.  

An Executive Order was signed, but no changes to coverage have been announced yet. 

On Friday, January 20, President Trump signed an Executive Order directing the federal government to ease some burdens of the law. However, at this time no specific changes have been announced to coverage offered through the marketplaces. 

Whatever changes come, they'll take time.

Many changes that could be made to the law will require specific legislative and administrative action. Health policy experts predict that consumers will be given a transition period while Congress puts together any replacement plan.

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