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UHC Plan & Rate Updates Effective April 2021

UHC announced plan and rate updates for April 1, 2021 effective dates. Rates are available for quoting!



Medical (averages, may vary by county and plan)

  • HMO
    • Northern California: 2.3% quarterly, 3.0% annually
    • Southern California: 2.3% quarterly, 1.8% annually
  • PPO:
    • Northern California: 2.7% quarterly, 3.9% annually
    • Southern California: 2.1% quarterly, 0.3% annually
  • Navigate EPO: Rate pass for quarterly change
  • Doctors Plan EPO: 2.7% quarterly


New & Renewal Broker Bonus

UHC is offering new sales and renewal bonus for qualifying brokers and groups. See UHC's flyer for complete details.

  • New sales bonus: receive a bonus of $100 for each enrolled employee in eligible medical groups sold during the bonus period.
  • Renewal bonus: additional bonus of $100 per enrolled employee will be paid if a group that receives the new sales bonus for 2021 renews coverage in 2022. Another bonus of $100 for each enrolled employee will be paid if the group renews coverage again in 2023.


Example bonus payout: An eligible agent sells an eligible medical group with 60 enrolled employees with an original effective date with UnitedHealthcare in 2021. That makes the agent eligible for a new sales bonus of $100 for each enrolled employee, so they earn a new sales bonus of $100 times 60 employees, or $6,000 with organic growth of 5 employees per year.


Wellness Reminders

Motion HSA members (employees or spouse) can choose to receive incentives via an HSA deposit or via prepaid debit card during Motion registration. The debit card may be used for non-health care-related expenses:

  • The prepaid card option is effective Jan. 1.
  • The employee and spouse can now have their own HSA account or prepaid debit card.
  • New members will be prompted during registration to choose their option; existing members will receive a notification. Members can change their option throughout the plan year.


Motion members with Apple Watch® can now receive access to Apple Fitness+ for five months at no additional cost January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021.


Important Dates

  • 4/1 rate guide will be posted on UHC Portal on 1/15
  • 4/1 renewals are available on UeS


Book Rates

Book rates will be posted to the B&P website when they are available.


For questions or help with a UHC quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.