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UHC Plan & Rate Updates Effective January 1, 2020

Oct 02, 2019

UHC announced rate and plan updates for January 1, 2020 effective dates. Rates are available for quoting!



Medical (statewide averages, varies by county and plan)

  • PPO: 0.9% increase
  • EPO: 3.7% increase
  • HMO: 1.5% increase


Portfolios, Plans & Benefits

UHC will offer 4 Choice Simplified portfolios in 2020, down from 5 in 2019. The Multi-Choice State package is also available. Here are brief descriptions of the portfolios, please note that all plans within each network may not be available within each portfolio:

  • Choice Simplified I: Select Plus, Core, Signature, Advantage, Focus, Harmony (greater LA, OC, SD)
  • Choice Simplified II: Select Plus, Core, Signature, Focus, Harmony
  • Choice Simplified III: Select Plus, Core, Signature, Advantage (Northern CA)
  • Choice Simplified IV: Select Plus, Core, Signature, Alliance, Harmony (San Diego)


Some plan names and benefit changes will change.


Additional Changes

UHC is making some other changes to enhance the member experience and cost savings:

  • Creating a "Preferred Lab Network" that includes LabCorp and Quest among others, to provide lower out-of-pocket costs to members
  • Moving to a single formulary for all plans named "UHC CA Advantage 4 Tier PDL"
  • "PreCheck MyScript" program allows doctors to easily prescribe off PDL


Move from DOI to DMHC

UHC is moving their PPO filing from the DOI to the DMHC. This change will cause Select Plus and Core employers and members to receive "plan discontinuation letters" starting October 1st.


Book Rates

Book rates will be posted to the B&P website when they are available.


Broker Bonus

UHC New Sales Bonus continues through January 1, 2020. Earn up to $75 per employee depending on the coverage they are enrolled in, see flyer for complete details.


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team — 888.722.3373.


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