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UHC Plan & Rate Updates Effective January 2022

UHC announced plan and rate updates for January 1, 2022 effective dates. Rates are available for quoting!



Quarterly medical changes

  • HMO
    • Northern CA: -3.8%
    • Southern CA: -3.8%
  • PPO
    • Northern CA: -0.1%
    • Southern CA: -2.7%


Annual medical changes

  • HMO
    • Northern CA: 0.7%
    • Southern CA: 0.7%
  • PPO:
    • Northern CA: 5.0%
    • Southern CA: 1.7%


Plan & Network Updates

Network Updates

The Advantage network is being removed in 2022. The SignatureValue Harmony network will expand into 9 counties in the Northern California Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, San Mateo, Solano and Sonoma). 


Plan Updates

UHC is adding a new Select Plus Bronze 7200/50% plan.


Select Plus members can choose a PCP that will show on their ID card beginning with January 1, 2022 effective dates. If they do not choose a PCP, a randomized PCP will be reflected on their ID card. Members can change this provider at any time. They are also not required to use this provider or get a referral to see another provider.


UnitedHealthcare 2022 plans will have Specialty Medical Cost Sharing, a benefit design that separates specialty medication copayments. Members will see one cost share for non-specialty medications and a separate cost share for specialty medications per tier. Specialty medication is tiered based on their cost efficiency and effectiveness. There is no change to how drugs are filled today.


One Pass

UHC will be offering One Pass, the next generation in gym subscription, to its members.


New & Renewal Broker Bonus

UHC is offering new sales and renewal bonus for qualifying brokers and groups (10+ enrolling employees).

  • New sales bonus: receive a bonus of $100 for each enrolled employee in eligible medical groups sold during the bonus period.
  • Renewal bonus: additional bonus of $100 per enrolled employee will be paid if a group that receives the new sales bonus for 2022 renews coverage in 2023. Another bonus of $100 for each enrolled employee will be paid if the group renews coverage again in 2024.


This bonus applies to fully-insured and level funded new business. More details will be provided when they are available.


Book Rates

Book rates will be posted to the B&P website when they are available.


For questions or help with a UHC quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.