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UHC Plan & Rate Updates Effective July 2019

UHC announced plan and rate updates for July 1, 2019 effective dates. Rates are available for quoting!



Medical (statewide averages, varies by county and plan)

  • HMO: 1.5% Increase, except Harmony in Los Angeles 1% decrease
  • PPO: 3.4% Increase


Plans & Benefits

UHC is adding 10 new "Primary Advantage" plans (4 PPO and 6 HMO), some with $0 PCP copays.

  • Platinum Select Plus 250/20% (BM-2V)
  • Platinum Core 250/20% (BM-2W)
  • Gold Select Plus 25/20% (BM-2X)
  • Gold Core 25/20% (BM-2Z)
  • Platinum SignatureValue 0-80/20% (BM-2O)
  • Platinum Advantage 0-80/20% (BM-2Q)
  • Platinum Harmony 0-80/20% (BM-2S)
  • Gold SignatureValue 0-80/30%/1250ded (BM-2P)
  • Gold Advantage 0-80/30%/1250ded (BM-2R)
  • Gold Harmony 0-80/30%/1250ded (BM-2T)


UHC will also be adding two more PPO plans, both with $0 copays:

  • Gold Select Plus 1250/30% (BM-2Y)
  • Gold Core 1250/30% (BM-22)


Finally, UHC is adding a new Harmony HDHP that includes UHC's Motion program.

  • Bronze Harmony HDHP w/Motion 0%/6500ded (BM-2U)


Motion provides participants with the opportunity to earn money and get healthier by reaching daily walking goals. Activity trackers are worn to track progress and achievements throughout the day, helping inspire participants to move with Frequency, Intensity and Tenacity (FIT). Participants can receive up to $1,095 towards their HSA per year.


A new version of the Product Grid will be posted to the B&P website under the Brochures tab.



UHC is adding new Choice Simplified V package plans

  • Allows pairing of Harmony, Alliance and Advantage HMO networks


Choice Simplified packages I, II, III, and IV will not change except for the addition of the new plans outlined above to Choice Simplified IV (some are not available in Choice Simplified V).


Networks & Zip Codes

UHC is in the process of expanding its Harmony HMO network into San Diego. They need approval from the state but the change would be effective July 1, 2019, we will provide updates when available.



UHC has adjusted their start-up guidelines on payroll to make them more competitive in the market. Starting April 1, 2019, UHC will only require start-ups to provide 2 weeks of payroll. UHC previously required 6 weeks of payroll.


Please note, in addition to 2 weeks of payroll, the group must still provide the following:

  • Federal Tax ID appointment letter
  • Legal documents based off entity


Broker Bonus

Don't forget! UHC is still running their New Sales Broker Bonus through January 1, 2020. See the flyer for complete details


Book Rates

Book rates will be posted to the B&P website when they are available. 


For questions, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.