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UHC Specialty Updates: Dental Transition of Care, Supplemental Life Grandfathering, and Specialty Bundling Program

UHC provided three important updates on their Specialty products.


Dental Transition of Care

UHC's goal is to assist members in continuing their care without interruption. Most dental procedures are completed on the same day and do not require transition assistance.


More complex treatments like crown, bridges, dentures, and root canals can involve procedures occurring over multiple days. Orthodontic care may extend over many months or years.


In general, covered services are paid by UHC when the treatment date (initial date of service) is on or after the effective date of the UHC coverage.


See UHC's Dental Transition of Care Application for more information on how specific treatments in progress are handled.


Supplemental Life Grandfathering

UHC can grandfather coverage amounts from a group's previous carrier above the GI amount, but only up to our plan maximum for that group size.


UHC will do this for the group at installation, but they will not do this for separate individuals as a one-off situation.


The group needs to provide proof of prior coverage in the form of a benefit summary and a current invoice showing volume amounts.


See UHC's Life Insurance Coverage: Grandfathering flyer for more information.


Specialty Bundling Program

Adding three or more specialty lines (including voluntary coverages) can help groups get a substantial one-time administrative credit to their bill about four months after adding the coverage. Qualification requirements:

  • July 1, 2020 through January 1, 2022 effective dates
  • 2-50 only (2-99 for CO & CA)
  • Minimum three lines of coverage sold together (NB or NCEA)
  • Meet minimum annual premium threshold


Administrative credits:

  • $7,500-$9,999 annual premium = $500 payment
  • $10,000-$19,999 annual premium = $750 payment
  • $20,000-$29,999 annual premium = $1,000 payment
  • $30,000-$49,999 annual premium = $1,500 payment
  • $50,000+ annual premium = $3,000 payment


For questions or help with a UHC Specialty quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.