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UnitedHealthcare Plans For Out Of State Employees

Oct 02, 2019

UnitedHealthcare introduced six new PPO plans effective 7/1/19. Unfortunately, the six new plans did not use the correct plan availability information when quoting out of state employees. 


The following Select Plus PPO plans may have been incorrectly quoted for out of state employees located in Alaska, Hawaii & Idaho:

  • Select Plus Gold 25/20% (BM-2X)
  • Select Plus Gold Primary Advantage 1250/30% (BM-2Y)
  • Select Plus Platinum Primary Advantage 250/20% (BM-2V)


The following Core PPO plans may have been incorrectly quoted for most out of state employees:

  • Core Gold 25/20% (BM-2Z)
  • Core Gold Primary Advantage 1250/30% (BM-22)
  • Core Platinum Primary Advantage 250/20% (BM-2W)


The quote engine was updated on the morning of 9/25/19. If you generated a 10/1/19 - 12/31/19 effective date proposal for UnitedHealthcare before that date and the client is still considering one of those six plans for their out of state employees, then check with your Sales Team to see where the Core PPO network may be available or to see if a requote is needed. 


For more information or help with a requote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – 888.722.3373.


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