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The Broker's Partner

Finding the perfect carrier for your groups can be complicated. That's why we create tools to help you compare benefits, rules, and information across our carrier partners. Some of our most popular carrier comparison tools include:


Bulletproof Underwriting

Our Bullet Proof Underwriting document covers guarantee issue, unique group rules, and legal document requirements for our medical carrier partners to ensure you have all the details necessary to seamlessly get your clients through the underwriting process.


Underwriting Guidelines

Determine which carrier is the right fit for your groups and what rules/requirements they'll need to meet to pass through underwriting with our Medical Underwriting Guidelines comparison.


Most Competitive Plans

Easily determine which PPO plans and carriers are most competitive in your clients' rating areas with our Most Competitive PPO Plans (by county) comparison document.


Full Network Plan Benefits

Our Full Network Plan Benefits comparison breaks down deductible, out-of-pocket max, office visit costs, in-patient costs, and Rx information across all full network plan offerings for each of our medical carrier partners (+ Blue Shield).


Top Selling Plans

View our Top Selling Plans (year to date) comparison to quickly identify the top selling medical plans by carrier or by region.


Medical Like Plans

Use our Like Plans comparison to see which plans offer similar benefits across all of our medical carrier partners.


Broker Bonus Programs

Visit our Broker Bonuses web page for a list of the current broker bonuses and promotions being offered by our carrier partners.

New Business Deadlines

Make sure you submit your new small group group business on time with our New Business Deadlines web page.

For questions about the information provided in these documents or to access additional B&P comparison tools, please contact your B&P Sales Representative.