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3 Reasons to Sell UHC This Q4 & Q1

There's never been a better time to quote and sell UHC in California! With their consistent pricing, flexible underwriting, and generous wellness and rewards programs for members, UHC offers everything you and your groups need.


1. Competitive Plans & Rates

UHC is competitive throughout California on a variety of plan designs, especially on Platinum and Gold PPO plans. Their PPO plans are very competitive in the following regions in Q4 2023:

  • North Bay (region 2)
  • Sacramento (3)
  • San Francisco (4)
  • Contra Costa County (5)
  • Alameda County (6)
  • San Mateo (8)
  • Central Valley (11)
  • Inland Empire (17)
  • Orange County (18)
  • San Diego (19)

See our Most Competitive Plans (PDF) to review the plan designs and potential savings by region. While we are still pending some Q1 2024 rates, UHC rates are available and they continue to look competitive in the new year. See UHC's heat maps for more information about their Q1 rates:


2. Flexible Underwriting

  • Lenient alongside Kaiser: 25% combined participation, minimum 5 enrolled with UHC in CA.
  • OOS options: UHC can write groups with 51%+ outside of CA.
  • Participation certification in lieu of DE-9C for groups with 3+ enrolling.


3. Member Wellness and Rewards Programs

Rewards programs are available to members based on the plan they are enrolled in:

  • Care Cash (PDF) gives members a preloaded debit card of $200 for individual and $500 for family for certain medical expenses (only on designated Care Cash plans).
  • Premium Rewards (PDF) allows members to earn up to $1,000 for reaching program goals (available on designated Premium Rewards plans).
  • Core Rewards (PDF) is included in all other plans and allows members to earn up to $300 for reaching program goals.

Members also have access to additional value add wellness benefits such as:

  • 1-year digital membership to Apple Fitness+ (PDF).
  • One Pass (PDF) which provides access to networks of gyms and studios via a subscription.


Contact your B&P Sales Rep at 888.722.3373 to learn more about UHC or to request a quote.