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The Power of Legal Plans for Small Business Benefits Programs

At some point, virtually everyone will need to deal with a legal issue. With important legal implications associated with many common life events, an affordable legal services plan is a natural and valued fit for your clients – especially those small business clients looking to add more to their benefits program without added cost. Take a look how a legal services plan can benefit your clients.

Buying a home, protecting assets, planning for the future — these things come with so many documents to sign, agreements to draw up, and forms to file that it can make one's head spin. To make sure paperwork is handled correctly, employees may need to enlist the help of a lawyer.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows where to begin. According to a Harris Poll*, more than half (54%) of working adults feel unprepared to handle unforeseen legal events. Their top concerns are finding and paying for an attorney when they need one.

That's where a voluntary legal plan can come in handy. "Group legal plans provide employees access to attorneys for help with common legal issues, like drafting wills and power of attorney documents, buying and selling a home and identity theft matters," said Ingrid Tolentino, CEO of Hyatt Legal Plans. "The results of [the Harris Poll] show that [people] are in need of affordable access to attorneys for help with these issues."

Plus, legal fees can really add up, making coverage even more appreciated by employees. For an individual, the typical out-of-pocket attorney costs to create a will can run $580, a home refinance $1,450, an audit $2,900 and foreclosure $4,320*. While the annual cost of a legal plan varies by employer, it's a cost-effective, appealing alternative to paying the costs out-of-pocket.

Help your clients take a look at the needs of their employees and their benefit programs. Legal services may be the right fit to help round out the protection employees need.

MetLife has made it easy to start the conversation with your clients. Download the ​Me​t​L​a​w toolkit and access a client-ready case study, infographic and handout - all designed to help you show the value of MetLaw.

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* Based on the average amount of hours it would take, using the average hourly rate of $290.00/hour based on years of legal experience, National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, Survey of Law Firm Economics (2013).

* Harris Poll on behalf of Hyatt Legal Plans, a MetLife Company, Improving Employee Wellness through Legal Benefits (February 2016)