Bundling Discounts

In addition to easier administration, groups may be able to save money by bundling multiple lines of coverage with one carrier. Below are the current bundling discounts available with our carriers. Contact a member of your B&P Sales Team if you have any questions.

Carrier Program Details

5% Specialty Savings

  • For Anthem Small Groups with 1-100 eligible.
  • 5% savings on Dental, Vision and Life premiums when Dental is purchased with Vision and/or Life.
  • A two-year rate guarantee for Dental, Vision and Life plans.
metlife logo blue pms285

Up to 6.0% LTD savings

  • For MetLife small groups with 2-99 eligible.
  • 3% LTD discount with purchase of Dental or Life.
  • 6% LTD discount with purchase of Dental and Life.

MetLife Benefit Bundles

  • For MetLife small groups with 10-99 enrolling.
  • Tailored Dental and Vision plans to meet market needs and pricing demands.
  • Add MetLaw (voluntary legal services) to the bundle with no participation requirements.
  • A two-year rate guarantee for Dental and Vision plans (two-year guaranteed Dental)
  • Rates are not available through bpQuote - contact B&P for applicable rates.
  • A three-year rate guarantee for Life and Disability plans.
principal_financial_logo Principal 5% Benefit Bundle
  • For Principal groups with 3 or more enrolling.
  • 5% savings on Life, LTD, STD and Dental when bundling three qualifying lines of coverage
  • Qualifying lines of coverage include Life,
    Voluntary Life, STD, LTD, Dental, Medical, 401(k) or 403(b), Individual Disability and Vision
    AD&D is not a qualifying or discountable line of
uhc logocolor Up to $7 pepm Discount
  • For UHC small groups with 1-100 eligible.
  • $3 per EE for Dental.
  • $2 per EE for Vision.
  • $1 per EE for Life.
  • $1 per EE for STD.
  • Savings may be combined when multiple products purchased.

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