Enrollment Resources

Online Enrollment

B&P offers you and your clients free, online enrollment and setup through bpEnroll, powered by  program.


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Enrollment Materials

Enrollment kits assembled and delivered next day with return shipping.

Need materials even sooner than next day?  a B&P team member now or complete a simple request form below.




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Onsite Meetings

Unlimited, onsite enrollment meetings for new and renewing group business. And don't forget to let us know if your client requires interpreter services; we can help with that too!

Reach out to your  to schedule your meetings today and go ahead and request your enrollment materials below.


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Virtual Meetings

Does your client have multiple locations or out-of-state employees? Offer them the convenience of virtual enrollment meetings; the same quality service you'd receive from us in person.

Provide the meeting information to your  or request via the form below. We'll follow up with the details in no time.


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Multi-Lingual Meetings

Improve an employee's benefits knowledge by eliminating language barriers. We work with a variety of interpretring services and can accommodate all languages for your onsite or virtual meetings. 

Notify your  that your client needs interpreter services for their enrollment meeting or complete a simple request form below.


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