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Carrier Underwriting Promotions for Current Cigna + Oscar Groups

Cigna + Oscar recently announced that they will be exiting the small group marketing in 2025. Groups will have the opportunity to sign up for, or renew, Cigna + Oscar coverage through December 15, 2024. This means that groups could continue to have Cigna + Oscar coverage through up to their renewal date in 2025.


In response to this news, many California carriers are offering underwriting promotions to help current Cigna + Oscar groups find alternative coverage and keep their employees covered.


Anthem Blue Cross

Anthem has a great solution for your CA Small Group Cigna + Oscar business. For effective dates of June 1, 2024, to September 15, 2024, all Anthem needs are the following items for groups who are moving off of Cigna + Oscar.

  • Small Group Employer Application
  • Cigna + Oscar bill / statement (80% enrollment required from on the C+O bill / statement, no reconciliation required)
  • Employee Enrollment
  • 1st month's premium


Additional requirements

  • Groups must be headquartered in CA
  • Anthem will review groups with high out-of-state participation on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your sales representative or GA Concierge for specific case review.


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CaliforniaChoice is making it easy for groups with Cigna+Oscar direct coverage to move to CaliforniaChoice! A special underwriting promotion is available for new business effective dates from July 1, 2024, to December 1, 2024.


Groups with 1+ medically enrolled subscriber may submit their most-recent Cigna+Oscar invoice in lieu of a DE-9C.


Groups will be considered* based on the following:

  • Cigna+Oscar (C+O) invoice must be reconciled.
  • Current pay stub is required for any subscriber not on submitted C+O invoice.
  • Owners enrolling who are not listed on C+O invoice must provide a signed Owner/Partner Statement (CC 0202 9/2019).
  • 51% of eligible population must be located in California.
  • Owner-only groups are not eligible.



*All standard CaliforniaChoice eligibility criteria apply to this promotion.


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Covered CA for Small Business

Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) committed to providing Agent partners with the tools and support needed to ensure a smooth transition for clients. CCSB is excited to introduce a streamlined way to move your Cigna + Oscar groups to CCSB using their prior carrier invoice!


Easy Documentation Submission:

  • Simply provide us with the prior carrier invoice from Cigna + Oscar in lieu of a DE9C. 
  • For anyone not listed on the most recent invoice, 2 weeks of payroll or a new hire letter will be required.
  • Employer Application listing the total Eligible based on the prior C+O invoice.
  • Total employer FTE count if there is another group policy alongside C+O.


Hassle-Free Group Enrollment through MyCCSB:

  • Employee applications or waivers are not required when submitting through MyCCSB prior to the 7th of the month.
  • Easy enrollment using a census upload for employee and dependent information.
  • Approval within 24-48 hours on clean submissions!


Why Choose CCSB for your Cigna + Oscar groups?

CCSB offers a variety of health plans that cater to the diverse needs of small businesses. Their partnerships with leading insurance carriers ensure that your clients have access to high-quality, affordable health coverage options.  As an added incentive, CCSB's new Broker Bonus program from 7/1/24 to 1/1/25 will reward your production generously!


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Health Net

Health Net announced a new underwriting promotion for current Cigna + Oscar groups to seamlessly transition to Health Net coverage. This promotion is available from July 1st through September 15th effective dates.


Groups of 1-4 enrolling employees:

  • Prior carrier bill is required
  • DE9C, payroll, and ownership docs are NOT required
  • Must enroll 80% of prior carrier bill
  • No payroll required for additional enrolling employees
  • Groups enrolling less than 80% of prior carrier bill will be subject to standard UW and paperwork guidelines
  • All other UW and paperwork guidelines apply


Groups of 5+ enrolling employees:


As a reminder, Health Net does not need the physical waivers – they only require that the waivers be listed on the submitted census, and they only require just enough to verify the group meets their minimum participation requirement as opposed to all waivers.

  • Relaxed Waiver Requirement: You no longer have to collect all waivers from a group, just enough to verify that the group meets Health Net's minimum participation requirement.


Note: groups requesting multiple products will have to submit enough waivers to verify they meet the minimum participation requirement for each product.


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Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente provides a fast and easy enrollment process that supports you and your clients as you transition Cigna + Oscar clients. Cigna + Oscar will not enroll in or renew any small group plans after January 1, 2025. Clients enrolled in these plans must find alternative healthcare providers upon their 2025 renewal. 


Kaiser Permanente encourages you to review your client's current Cigna + Oscar coverage early, consider offering Kaiser Permanente as a total replacement option, and get rewarded. 


Offering simplified underwriting processes

Kaiser Permanente offers a dedicated team, simplified underwriting processes, and same-day approvals for California small group businesses affected by the Cigna + Oscar market exit. At anytime, you may submit your new Kaiser Permanente group online at Self-service capabilities that make it easy to enroll, submit new group applications and view the real-time status of submitted applications.


Or contact B&P and provide the following: 

  • Small Group Employer Application 
  • Employee Enrollment  
    • Spreadsheet enrollments 
    • Electronic signature forms 
  • Cigna + Oscar billing statement 
  • First month’s payment 


Get rewarded 

You can earn a Total Replacement reward for every new, qualified, transitioned small group. For more details on the Total Replacement reward and other bonus programs, please visit


Kaiser Permanente’s value-based care 


Kaiser Permanente wants to help you navigate this transition and ensure you have all the information you need to transition your clients and their employees.


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UHC is excited to offer an easy solution to move your Cigna + Oscar business to UHC! Below are the underwriting promotion and Broker Bonus details; including the submission requirements. Please note all other guidelines apply.

  • Employer Group Application
  • Copy of Cigna + Oscar bill (to confirm group is coming off C+O for broker bonus purposes)
  • CA Participation Certification Form (groups with 3 or more enrolling EEs) in lieu of DE9C. No Payroll requirements for new hires.
  • For groups writing alongside a staff model carrier (including Kaiser)
    • UHC is waiving the staff model requirement of 5 CA enrolling employees on Choice Simplified package! NOTE: There must be at least 1 CA enrolling employee in order to write a UHC CA policy. NOTE: These groups cannot go through SAMx, please send them to your B&P Sales Rep with:
      • Employer application
      • Cigna + Oscar invoice
      • Participation Certification Form 3+ enrolling
      • Prime Enrollment Spreadsheet
      • Copy of staff model invoice
      • Product Benefit Selection Form
      • Copy of the Binder Check or Direct Debit Form
  • For groups with 50% OOS employee or more:
    • UHC is waiving CA Underwriting approval for groups with more than 50% OOS Employees.


Broker Bonus

UHC is offering a broker bonus for groups that are coming from a carrier that is exiting the market.

  • $60 per enrolled UHC subscriber (employee) on groups moving off Cigna + Oscar to UHC CA small business, this applies to groups enrolling in either fully insured or level-funded.


Click here to see UHC's Broker Bonus flyer for more information.


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For questions or help with a quote, please contact a member of your B&P Sales Team – (888) 722-3373.