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  • Faster, Easier, Greener Approach to ID Cards

    Dec 20, 2012

    To best meet the needs of today's dynamic workforce while also helping to conserve the environment, Guardian has moved to an online approach for PPO dental and vision ID cards. Printed ID cards will no longer be provided. Employees covered under these plans can simply visit the “Forms and Materials” section of www.

  • The Future of Health Care Benefits: Guardian Perspective

    Dec 20, 2012

    Chris Swanker, VP Worksite and Specialty Markets shares his viewpoint on adapting to new health care reality. Watch the latest videos from this year's World Congress Leadership Summit as Chris shares insights on health care, exchanges, and new opportunities. Chris is leading Guardian's initiative to prepare for the changes brought about by health care reform.

  • Driving the Best Outcomes for Disability Customers

    Dec 20, 2012

    Guardian recognizes that when it comes to disability, your clients expect more than just high-quality benefits—they want a carrier who will “do the right thing” for their employees. And by Guardian standards, that means not only treating customers fairly and empathetically, but also helping disabled employees get back to a productive lifestyle—often in the face of complex and difficult challenges.

  • Guardian - New at b&p

    Oct 24, 2012

    Now Offering Guardian Dental, Vision, Life, Disability... We are excited to announce the addition of Guardian to the beere&purves portfolio. As your business partner, we continue to make sure you have access to carriers that will help you meet the needs of your clients and their employees, and Guardian does exactly that.

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Agent Forms Revision Date Start Date End Date
Agent Direct Deposit Form 07/01/2010 07/01/2010

Employer Forms Revision Date Start Date End Date
Actively At Work Statement 01/05/2018 01/05/2018
Employee Census List, All Lines 07/23/2015 07/23/2015
Employee Census List, Dental 07/23/2015 07/23/2015
Employer Addtl Info Questionnaire (AIQ) 08/16/2018 08/16/2018
Employer App, PPO Dental Only 07/02/2012 07/02/2012
Employer Automatic Premium Withdrawl 03/01/2012 03/01/2012
Guardian Anytime Registration 07/01/2020 07/01/2020

Employee Forms Revision Date Start Date End Date
Beneficiary Designation/Change Form 05/01/2014 05/01/2014
Employee App & Change Form, PPO Dental Only 07/10/2013 07/10/2013
Employee Loss of Coverage Form 03/17/2012 03/17/2012

Vision Revision Date Start Date End Date
Vision Benefit Summary Options 02/03/2014 02/03/2014

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