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  • Update from B&P Regarding COVID-19

    Mar 17, 2020

    Like all of the country, Beere&Purves continues to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and the impact around us. We take the health of our employees, broker partners and groups seriously.

  • Planning for a Possible PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Event at B&P

    Oct 08, 2019

    As you may know, PG&E is planning a PSPS in the Bay Area and Beere&Purves could be affected. This is our service contingency plan if we lose power.

  • Introducing Kaiser Permanente!

    Oct 01, 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Beere&Purves has signed a small group General Agency contract with Kaiser Permanente. You can sell Kaiser Permanente business through Beere&Purves beginning with a December 1, 2019 effective date.

  • Introducing Human Interest

    May 07, 2019

    We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Human Interest as our preferred retirement plan provider!

  • Webinar Series: Workers' Compensation Boot Camp

    Apr 01, 2019

    Join B&P's Workers' Compensation Specialist, Patrick Kim, for his Workers' Compensation Boot Camp Webinar Series. Through these four sessions, you'll learn everything you need to know to operate successfully in the workers' compensation market.

  • EaseCentral Ongoing Maintenance on Your B&P Groups!

    Dec 19, 2018

    As part of our service commitment to you and your groups, Beere&Purves is now offering ongoing maintenance for your EaseCentral groups.

  • Important January Reminders

    Dec 17, 2018

    January 1st is almost upon us, here are some important reminders to help you provide the best possible service to your clients this enrollment season.

  • EaseCentral-Anthem Blue Cross API Integration Added to BrokerPicks!

    Nov 05, 2018

    Beere&Purves is excited to add the new EaseCentral-Anthem Blue Cross API Integration to BrokerPicks! When you sell a new medical group with Anthem Blue Cross and want to process changes through EaseCentral, elect our EaseCentral-Anthem API BrokerPick and B&P will pay for the integration.

  • Q1 2019 Resource Library

    Nov 05, 2018

    Visit our NEW, comprehensive Q1 2019 Resource Library for access to all the Q1 2019 materials you'll need in a single convenient location.

  • Anthem: B&P Field Underwrites on Every Group, Regardless of Size!

    Oct 05, 2018

    We underwrite every Anthem Blue Cross group in house, regardless of size! This means your groups get approved quicker and members can access benefits sooner!

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  • 2021 Annual HSA Limits Announced

    May 22, 2020

    The IRS has released the 2021 annual HSA contribution limits as well as the HDHP deductible and out-of-pocket expense limits. The tables below show the 2020 and 2021 amounts with the year-over-year changes.

  • New DOL & IRS Ruling Affecting COBRA and More

    May 13, 2020

    On April 28, 2020, the Employee Benefits Security Administration (U.S. Department of Labor) and IRS issued a joint ruling titled Extension of Certain Timeframes for Employee Benefit Plans, Participants, and Beneficiaries Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak. This ruling provides temporary relief regarding certain COBRA, HIPAA special enrollment, and health and disability claims submissions and appeal rights.

  • DOL Issues New COBRA Model Notices

    May 13, 2020

    On May 1, 2020, the Department of Labor issued a news release announcing new COBRA model notices along with some frequently asked questions.

  • CAHU COVID-19 Website Provides List of Useful Links & Resources

    Apr 13, 2020

    CAHU added a COVID-19 information page to their website providing a comprehensive listing of useful links to state and federal resources.

  • CA Insurance Commissioner Notice on Telehealth During COVID-19 State of Emergency

    Apr 01, 2020

    CA Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a notice on March 30th regarding access to telehealth during the COVID-19 state of emergency.

  • Paycheck Protection Program FAQs for Small Businesses

    Apr 01, 2020

    The United States Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship provided a document answering some frequently asked questions from small businesses on the Paycheck Protection Program.

  • Small Businesses can get Cash through the CARES Act

    Mar 30, 2020

    President Trump signed the CARES Act on Friday, March 27, 2020. Two ways small businesses can access cash are through the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs) and the Paycheck Protection Program.

  • 2019 HCSO & FCO Reporting Cancelled due to COVID-19

    Mar 27, 2020

    Pursuant to the San Francisco Mayor's March 23, 2020 proclamation, San Francisco is cancelling the employer requirement to submit the 2019 Annual Reporting Form for the Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO) and the Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO).

  • CA DOI Update on Health Care Sharing Ministries

    Mar 12, 2020

    The California Department of Insurance issued a cease and desist order to protect California consumers from misleading health plans known as "Health Care Sharing Ministries."

  • IRS Says HDHPs can Cover Coronavirus Costs

    Mar 12, 2020

    The IRS posted Notice 2020-15 that says that HDHPs can pay for 2019 Novel Coronavirus-related testing and treatment without jeopardizing their status.

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  • Webinar: ArmadaCare's New Solution for CA

    Sep 11, 2019

    ArmadaCare has moved beyond the C-Suite with other unique employer-paid supplemental plan options. Come find out how these plans can help solve business problems for your clients.

  • Ultimate Health: Examples of Innovative Benefits

    Aug 02, 2018

    Many benefits address only one or two benefit categories: saving time, promoting well-being, supporting financially, or providing tax savings. Ultimate Health is a supplemental healthcare reimbursement plan designed to help companies address virtually every benefit category.

  • ArmadaCare: Are Executive Medical Reimbursement Plans Dead?

    Feb 27, 2018

    When you talk about an executive medical reimbursement plan, also called expense reimbursed insurance, it’s not rare to get questions like, “Is that still allowed,” or “I thought you couldn’t do that anymore?” Let’s tackle those questions and get to the bottom of it.

  • Introducing Ultimate Health by ArmadaCare

    Oct 13, 2017

    Ultimate Health by ArmadaCare is a supplemental healthcare reimbursement plan designed to help companies offer a broad range of coverage types that tailor to different life stage needs, a way to get back to 100% coverage levels, a tax-efficient compensation tool, along with health, wellness and travel support services.Ultimate Health is suitable for any size and type of company and can be added onto virtually any company base medical plan at any month of the year.

  • EMPLOYERS: Off-Site Transitional Duty Program FAQs

    Oct 02, 2017

    ​What are the benefits of using the Off-Site Transitional Duty Program? ​Reduces lost time days. Non-profit placement within 24 hours (on average) of receiving an approved job description or list of restrictions from the employee’s physician. Electronic timecard tracking with 24/7/365 accessibility for the employer, claims handler and case manager. Structured return-to-work process with meaningful and productive work.

  • 3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Workers' Compensation Policy

    Jul 31, 2017

    Workers’ compensation insurance is an important safety net that protects your business and employees in case of an on-the-job illness or injury. However, you might not be aware of some additional resources your insurance carrier may provide to help you maintain a safe workplace, save money and get more value out of your policy.

  • Billing Changes to Integrated MediComp

    Dec 20, 2016

    ​As of November 1, 2016, Integrated MediComp's combined billing feature with Anthem's small group health coverage was discontinued. New customers participating in Integrated MediComp will now receive an invoice directly from EMPLOYERS for their workers' compensation insurance coverage and will have their choice of four convenient direct bill payment options: ​100% payment in full 10% down payment and 11 monthly installment payments 30% down payment and three quarterly installment payments ​PrecisePay® (pay-as-you-go) system requires a minimum premium threshold of $2,500 Please note that existing Integrated MediComp participants will need to select one of the above payment options at renewal.

  • New Waiver Rules for Workers Compensation Effective January 2017

    Dec 02, 2016

    New Exclusion Rule Effective January 2017 What's Changing? The recent passage of ​AB 2883 introduces a significant change to the exclusion rules governing Workers' Compensation policies. Currently, certain individuals are provided benefits under a Workers Compensation policy by election, but effective January 1, 2017, these same individuals will no longer be excluded from the Workers' Compensation policy unless a compliant waiver is signed and submitted to the Work Comp carrier.

  • The Premium Audit Process

    Nov 22, 2016

    Conducting a Premium Audit on Your Business​​For many business owners, an audit ranks in the same category as a root canal. However, in the world of workers’ compensation, premium audits are routine, and relatively quick and painless. Your workers’ compensation policy premium is based on estimates you provided at the time of application.

  • EMPLOYERS New Employee Hotline

    Nov 22, 2016

    EMPLOYERS® is introducing the ​Injured Employee Hotline. The hotline is available to injured workers covered by EMPLOYERS® 24/7 and is staffed by registered nurses specially trained to provide medical guidance over the phone for new work-related injuries and illnesses. This service is available to injured workers who have not yet received medical treatment.

  • EMPLOYERS Additional Online Payment Method

    Oct 20, 2016

    Paying Your Bill Online Just Got Easier​EMPLOYERS has made it easier to do business by offering online Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments directly from your savings or checking account through our EACCESS® portal. Convenient Online Payment Methods Now Include: ​Bank Account (Checking or Savings Account) Debit Card - Visa™, and Mastercard® Credit Card - Visa™, Discover®, or Mastercard® Log into the EACCESS policyholder portal today to pay your bill, manage policy information, view claim status and much more.

  • How to Encourage Proper Ergonomics for Remote Workers

    Aug 05, 2016

    The Business JournalMay 10, 2016 Employee wellness and workspace ergonomics have become increasingly popular topics, since poor ergonomics have been found to lead to musculoskeletal issues, including bursitis and muscle strain. While many workplaces offer in-house employees workspace evaluations along with wrist supports, adjustable monitor stands, stand-up desks and other tools to help combat the risks of sedentary jobs, many businesses haven’t been as proactive about encouraging ergonomic best practices for their remote workers.

  • Introducing the EMPLOYERS Injured Employee Hotline

    Jul 28, 2016

    EMPLOYERS® is pleased to introduce the Injured Employee Hotline, a hotline that is available to policyholders 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is staffed by registered nurses specially trained to provide medical guidance over the phone for new work-related injuries or illnesses. This services is available to injured or ill workers who have not yet received medical treatment.

  • Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

    Jun 08, 2016

    Business WireOctober 14, 2015Now that marijuana has become legal in 24 states for medicinal or recreational purposes, a new poll by EMPLOYERS®(NYSE:EIG),America's small business insurance specialist® found that small businesses have mixed feelings about its presence in the workplace. One in five small business owners (19 percent) said they would allow an employee who has a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana to use it while at work, while nearly two-thirds of small business owners (62 percent) said they would not.

  • Guardian Financial Support and Benefit Enhancements for Dental and Vision Customers

    May 20, 2020

    Guardian has heard directly from many of you about how significantly the pandemic has impacted employers and their members’ ability to receive dental care.

  • Guardian WorkLifeMatters EAP Small Business COVID-19 Action Center Now Available

    Apr 22, 2020

    Currently, 92% of small business owners are reporting a moderate to very high level of stress at this time, yet over 70% are still optimistic about the future. Guardian is committed to providing their small businesses customers with the support they need to help navigate the challenges of this unprecedented time.

  • Guardian Rate Adjustments Effective 2020

    Nov 18, 2019

    Guardian announced rate updates for January 1, 2020 effective dates with some changes to underwriting. Rates are available for quoting!

  • EaseCentral Partners with Guardian

    Mar 01, 2019

    EaseCentral, the leading HR and benefits SaaS platform powered by insurance brokers, has announced an integration with insurance provider The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America®, (Guardian).

  • Guardian Rate Adjustments Effective January 2019

    Oct 31, 2018

    Guardian has announced rate and underwriting adjustments for January 1, 2019 effective dates with no benefit changes. Rates are available for quoting!

  • Guardian Rate Adjustments Effective January 2018

    Sep 05, 2017

    Guardian has announced rate adjustments for January 1, 2018 effective dates with no changes to benefits or underwriting. Rates are available for quoting! ​​RATES Average Increase: <1%CONTRACT UPDATEB&P can now write groups up to 99 lives! Groups will fewer than 51 employees can continue to be quoted in bpQuote. For groups of 51-99, please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team.

  • Guardian: Quoting Available up to 99 Lives Effective Immediately

    Sep 05, 2017

    ​Beere&Purves' can now write groups up to 99 lives with Guardian Life Insurance Company!For questions, please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.722.3373.

  • Guardian Awarded Life Insurance Brand of the Year by Harris Poll Survey

    Jun 15, 2017

    Guardian Awarded Life Insurance Brand of the Year by Harris Poll’s 2017 EquiTrend Survey​Business Wire​June 15, 2017NEW YORK - The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), one of the nation’s largest mutual life insurers and a leading provider of employee benefits, has been recognized as Brand of the Year in the Life Insurance category, according to The Harris Poll® EquiTrend Study, which reveals the strongest brands across industries based on consumer response.

  • Guardian Named a Winning "W" Company by 2020 Women on Boards

    Jun 06, 2017

    2020 Women on Boards RecognitionFor 2016, Guardian has been named a Winning “W” Company, ​2020 Women on Boards’ highest award. This honor is given to companies that champion diversity by having 20 percent or more of their board seats held by women. 2020 Women on Boards is a national campaign working to increase the percentage of women who serve on company boards to 20 percent or more by the year 2020.

  • What You Need to Know about Guardian

    May 02, 2017

    ​Plans & BenefitsGuardian plans are available for groups with 2-49 employees. Dental plans are available for quoting in bpQuote. Please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team for quotes with additional lines of coverage and discounts.DentalOne of the largest dental networks nationwide with ​360,800+ total locationsNo waiting period for groups with 5+ employeesImplants for groups with 2+ employees​Maximum Rollover on all plansVision​ Flexible copay and frequency optionsTwo provider networks VSP: 58,000 access pointsDavis Vision: 44,000 access points​Life & DisabilityOffer big company benefits to small business clients including the following Guaranteed Issue* amounts for groups under 10 employees:​2-4 Employees Life: $50,000 STD: $1,500 per week LTD: $2,500 per month 5-9 Employees Life: $100,000 STD: $1,500 per week LTD: $6,000 per month​Groups with 10-49 Employees can receive other generous Guaranteed Issue amounts.

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    • What is CalSavers?

      Apr 20, 2020

      With upcoming registration deadlines approaching for CalSavers, you are probably hearing a lot about California’s retirement savings program.

    • California State-Mandated Retirement Plans

      Sep 23, 2019

      Employers in California with 5 or more employees will be required to offer a qualified retirement savings plan starting as early as 2020, or face financial penalties.

    • Introducing Human Interest

      May 07, 2019

      We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Human Interest as our preferred retirement plan provider!

  • Kaiser Permanente Link for Enrolling in Individual Plans

    May 02, 2020

    We know this is a challenging time for everyone in the country and that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect some employer-sponsored coverage. Although we hope we can help you and your clients maintain their current group coverage, we understand that some employees may need to find individual plans. If you do not sell individual insurance, Kaiser Permanente shared the following link that can help employees that lose their employer-sponsored coverage learn more about their options.

  • Kaiser to Cover COVID-19 Treatment

    Apr 06, 2020

    Kaiser Permanente has announced that it will waive all member out-of-pocket costs for inpatient and outpatient services related to the treatment of COVID-19, as of April 1, 2020.

  • Kaiser Plan & Rate Updates Effective July 2020

    Apr 02, 2020

    Kaiser announced rate updates for July 1, 2020 effective dates with no changes to plans or benefits. Rates are available for quoting!

  • Kaiser Introduces Digital Self-care Portfolio

    Mar 23, 2020

    Kaiser Permanente has introduced a digital self-care portfolio as part of their commitment to bring their members innovative ways to receive mental health care and service.

  • Large Group Renewal Notice Timeframe Changes from 60 Days to 120 Days

    Feb 06, 2020

    Effective January 1, 2020, a new California law (AB 731) requires that all large groups must receive notice of changes to rates and benefits 120 days prior to their renewal date.

  • Kaiser: Help Small Groups Employees Avoid Tax Penalties

    Dec 05, 2019

    A new California law requires all state residents to have qualifying health coverage beginning January 1, 2020 — or face state tax penalties. To help your clients' employees avoid these penalties, Kaiser Permanente is offering a special open enrollment period from October 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019.

  • Kaiser Permanente Announces 2020 Broker Bonus (Includes CalChoice & CCSB Subscribers)

    Dec 02, 2019

    Kaiser Permanente announced their broker bonus for 2020. For all small groups you sell effective January 1, 2020, take home a $100 bonus per enrolled subscriber. This bonus is payable for new small groups written through any sales channel - direct, General Agency, CaliforniaChoice, and Covered California for Small Business.

  • Kaiser: SB 78 Open Enrollment

    Nov 18, 2019

    Due to California law requiring state residents to maintain qualifying health coverage beginning in 2020, Kaiser Permanente is allowing a special open enrollment period to small group employees and their dependents who previously declined coverage to enroll effective January 1, 2020.

  • Kaiser Permanente Added to B&P Resources

    Nov 04, 2019

    If you haven’t already heard, Beere&Purves signed a small group General Agency contract with Kaiser Permanente. You can sell Kaiser Permanente business through Beere&Purves beginning with a December 1, 2019 effective date.

  • Introducing Kaiser Permanente!

    Oct 01, 2019

    We are pleased to announce that Beere&Purves has signed a small group General Agency contract with Kaiser Permanente. You can sell Kaiser Permanente business through Beere&Purves beginning with a December 1, 2019 effective date.

  • MetLife: Reimagining the Role for Small Business Benefits

    Apr 09, 2020

    As work and life continue to blend and unemployment remains low, the competition for employee talent is intense. Small businesses are seeking solutions to help their companies stand out as they tackle the challenge of attracting, engaging, and retaining employees.

  • MetLife: 3 Reasons Why Vision Benefits Deserve a Moment

    Mar 06, 2020

    Those high-profile benefits often grab all the attention during client meetings. (Yes, we're talking about you, medical insurance.) But, carve out a little time as part of your next proposal to focus in on your Vision insurance recommendation.

  • MetLife: The Power of Bundles

    Feb 03, 2020

    With continued low unemployment rates, businesses of all sizes are refining their recruiting and retention strategies to ensure they're attracting – and keeping – the best employees.

  • MetLife: How Brokers Can Use Benefit Trends in Their Strategy

    Dec 17, 2019

    At a glance, what employers expect from their benefits brokers and consultants hasn't changed dramatically in recent years. The expectations that top the list are largely the same from year to year. However, MetLife's latest employee benefit trends report takes a deeper dive into the responses of employers and employees to uncover insights into how expectations are evolving – and how brokers can deliver for their clients.

  • MetLife: 5 Questions to Ask - and Answer - When Recommending Legal Plans

    Nov 21, 2019

    As your clients consider adding legal services plans to their benefit offerings, affordability is always going to be a top consideration. While costs are always key, five additional factors can help your clients evaluate their options and feel confident they’re choosing a legal plan that delivers real value to their employees.

  • MetLife: How Small Businesses Can Compete and Thrive

    Oct 29, 2019

    As work and life continue to blend and unemployment remains low, the competition for employee talent is intense. Small businesses are seeking solutions to help their companies stand out as they tackle the challenge of attracting, engaging, and retaining employees. Strategic benefits can play a pivotal role.

  • MetLife: 29% of Employees Will Go Gig in Next 5 Years

    Sep 12, 2019

    With nearly one-fifth of the total American workforce now earning their primary income from gig or part-time work, the gig economy is here to stay.

  • MetLife's Multi-Product Advantage Helps Maximize Benefits

    Aug 21, 2019

    Balancing cost concerns with employee needs can be hard for a small business. MetLife's broad range of products and plan designs give you the options you need to recommend the right mix of solutions at the right price for each client. And, with MetLife's Multi-Product Advantage, you also earn additional compensation.

  • MetLife's Vision Network is Expanding!

    May 29, 2019

    MetLife is adding two new vision providers for 8/1/19 effective dates and later.

  • MetLife: The Value of Voluntary

    May 28, 2019

    67 percent of small businesses reported difficulty in finding candidates with the skills they need, yet 69 percent of employees say they would be more likely to accept a job if they have the ability to customize benefits choices to meet their needs, and 45 percent say that customized benefits would make them more loyal to their current employer. The solution to how small and mid-size businesses can compete with their larger counterparts for top talent is often found in expanding the company’s benefit offering.

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  • Principal Dental Premium Credit & Personal Protective Equipment Payment

    May 06, 2020

    COVID-19 is impacting everyone’s lives – including trips to the dentist. Most dental offices have been temporarily closed for non-emergency services. And Principal understands employers and their employees have had limited use of their dental benefits.

  • Principal Offering 2020 Bonuses for Production & Persistency

    Feb 26, 2020

    Increase your earning potential by working with Principal. Place new business and retain business with Principal, and you may be eligible for their group benefit bonus programs.

  • Principal's 2020 Open Enrollment Enhancements

    Nov 18, 2019

    Principal has made some enhancements to their open enrollment guidelines effective 2020.

  • Principal: Free EAP Services for Those Impacted by Fires

    Nov 04, 2019

    Principal's EAP vendor, Magellan, is offering free services to anyone who needs some support due to the wildfires in California.

  • New Principal Promotions Through January 1, 2020

    Aug 16, 2019

    Principal is giving you even more reasons to sell dental only or bundled coverages! Promotion is available for groups through January 1, 2020.

  • Increase Revenue with Broker Bonuses!

    Feb 19, 2019

    CaliforniaChoice, Covered CA for Small Business, Principal, and UnitedHealthcare all have 2019 bonus programs for specific effective dates. Click on the hyperlinks below each carrier to see the full details and program rules.

  • Principal 2019 Production & Persistency Bonus Programs!

    Feb 04, 2019

    Increase your earning potential by working with Principal. Place new business and retain business with Principal, and you may be eligible for their group benefit bonus programs.

  • Principal: Enhanced Short-Term Disability

    Mar 21, 2018

    Help your clients keep their employees happy by offering a benefit of an additional 20% of their earnings through Principal's enhanced short-term disability insurance.

  • Principal Quoting Through Beere&Purves

    Jan 08, 2018

    Principal quotes can be obtained through your B&P Sales Team for the most competitive rates for Dental, Vision, Life, STD, LTD, Accident, and Critical Illness.Principal’s rates are no longer available in bpQuote as of January 8, 2018.For questions, or to request a quote, please ​contact a member of your B&P Sales Team - 888.

  • Introducing Principal

    Oct 14, 2017

    ​We are excited to announce the addition of Principal to the Beere&Purves portfolio effective immediately. As your business partner, we continue to make sure you have access to carriers that will help you meet the needs of your clients and their employees, and Principal does exactly that.Principal offers:Dental standalone for groups of 3+ livesVision, Life, STD and LTD standalone for groups of 5+ lives Voluntary Accident and Critical Illness for groups with 5 enrolled or 10% participation, whichever is greater5% discount on dental, life, STD and LTD if 3 or more lines are selectedDental highlights:Point of Service Plan (POS) for California Contracts Strong national network with 113,000+ dentists, California alone has:8,356 EPO dentists19,108 PPO dentistsChild orthodontia down to 3 lives, adult orthodontia available for 25+ livesRefreshed annual maximum at takeoverVision highlights:VSP Choice provider networkProvide ID cardsConsolidated billing with other Principal productsLife/AD&D highlights:Flat or multiples of salaryAbility to class outExpanded definition of owner compensation; salary plus net income averaged over 2 yearsSTD highlights:70% benefit availableOptional benefit of 20% up to $1,000 not coordinated with SDI availableOwn job descriptionLTD highlights:Expanded definition of owner compensation; salary plus net income averaged over 2 yearsNo mandatory rehabilitationSpecialty contract for attorneys and physiciansRates are available for dental, vision and life in bpQuote.

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